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The County of Los Angeles Horizons Plan is a powerful tool that can help you reach your retirement goals. What you invest in this voluntary Plan can help you build a retirement nest egg beyond your Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association (LACERA) pension. Here are some simple facts about the Horizons Plan:

  1. You can earn a dollar-for-dollar County matching contribution up to 4% of your compensation each pay period. In other words, the County rewards you for making Horizons Plan contributions by making matching contributions to your Plan.

  2. The contributions you make to your Horizons Plan are made with pre-tax dollars. This means you delay paying taxes on the money you contribute to Horizons. It also means the amount you contribute (for example, $100) only affects your take-home pay by approximately $81, depending on your individual tax situation.

  3. Your contributions are made through convenient payroll deductions, and you can change the percentage you are contributing at any time by visiting or by calling the County of Los Angeles Service Center at (800) 947-0845.

  4. And perhaps most importantly, contributing to Horizons can help bridge the gap between the income you'll receive from LACERA and the income you'll need when you retire.

Want to make sure you contribute enough to receive the full County matching contribution? Check out the Contribution Calculator in the Resource Center, under Planning Tools.

Enrolling in the Horizons Plan is simple. Just click here. Once you've decided how much to contribute each pay period and how to invest it, click here.


Welcome to Your Retirement. Simplified.

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